Pecanwood Oktoberfest 2013

IMG_0367The Oktoberfest originated in Bavaria, Germany in 1810. It was the celebration of the marriage between Crown Prince Ludwig, later to become King Ludwig I, who was married to Princess Therese of Saxe-Hilburghausen on October 12, 1810. This became an annual event where lots of beer and bratwurst was consumed over a two week period every year. Though this is the romantic story of how the Oktoberfest began, it is in fact just an excuse to get drunk on good beer every year in October.

Pecanwood1When we got asked to help at the Pecanwood festival, being Beer Sluts, we agreed to help immediately after just hearing the word Oktoberfest.Later when we read the write-up on the site and it promised to be a real slutty but crowded affair, we had mixed emotions. The site promised ‘in 2013 we expect over 6000 people to attend’ and for the guys ‘there will be 12 Oktoberfest Calendar girls that will be hosting you’ and that they are ‘the most sought after models’.


The crowd at 19:30

A rather disappointing festival for both brewers and action seekers. The slutty fest was quite boring with the calendar girls looking like schoolgirls and the number of attendees not CLOSE to the 6000 predicted. We estimate no more than 1500 at ANY ONE TIME and a maximum turnover of around 2000. Sunday was a total washout with all the brewers leaving early. We have heard that most will not return next year.


Watching the rugby gameIn our humble opinion, there were several factors. Firstly, the fest coincided with several rugby games, not least the Bokke against the All Blacks. Secondly, they had KlipDrift as a major sponsor who took over the drinking customers later on Saturday evening, resulting in the micro-brewers competing for customers. Lastly the Slutty advertising probably kept a couple of families away.


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