Capital Craft Beerfest 2014

The Second Capital Craft Beerfest took place on 14 June 2014, and to make sure we didn’t break with tradition, the Beersluts were there again, and ready to taste beer!

The event is held at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria, a national monument erected to celebrate the formulation of South Africa as a Union in 1963. Situated on a hill overlooking the city, the festival probably has one of the best views of Pretoria that any beer festival attendee could appreciate.

Last year’s event was excellent, but the 2014 event was truly spectacular, with 19 breweries and 8 fast food stalls in attendance.

More than 4000 beer lovers were there, and tickets were sold out almost a week in advance.

Apart from the awesome beers and delicious food, there were 3 music stages with 13 different artists entertaining the show-goers during the course of the day. The highlight for us was undoubtedly the iconic Koos Kombuis with his own brand of Struggle Music.

Instead of us rambling on about the festival, have a look at this Youtube vid, it encapsulates the entire event pretty well:

We as the Beersluts were excited to see that apart from the usual mainstay brewers (Chameleon, Dog & Fig, Cockpit, etc, all the usual brewers that we know and love) some new brewers and exhibitors were at the Festival.

“Belgian Beers” are a Bryanston bunch that distribute and sell imported Belgian beers. The Belgian beer styles are pretty unique, as the Belgians traditionally didn’t give a damn for Reinheitsgebot or other governmental legislation on what to add and how to brew. So the Belgian beers are distinctly odd sometimes, with tastes and processes that other beer brewing traditions never followed. Saison, Lambic, Duppel, Triple, Champagne and Abbey beers are all part of the Belgian line-up. Flavours such as sour, sweet, spicy and some distinctly weird. Great beers, although they mostly do only find favour with a specific palate.

Soweto GoldThen a new brewery were there and it was also their first show: MadMead Brewing company, also known as the Ubuntu Kraal Brewery were there with their Soweto Gold Superior Lager, a wonderfully malty and aromatic lagered beer. May they go from strength to strength and we hope to see Ndumiso and company at Clarens next year!

The last revelation was that Capital Craft themselves have started marketing their own beers and will have launched their own brewpub in Pretoria East by the end of June 2014. Clear evidence that craft beer has a growing and stable market in Pretoria (but as beer lovers, we already knew that!)

Koos KombuisAs for the festival and the vibe?

Absolutely amazing. This beerfest is going to become the premier winter beer festival in Gauteng, mark my words.

We met some old friends, Ben and Dave, and we were quite amazed that Koos Kombuis actually even wrote a song for Elbie:

I’m sure we’ll see all of you readers there next year!

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