The Ale House

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The words Dirk van Tonder and The Ale House are synonymous. 90% of people we talk to immediately reply ‘DIRK’ when talking about The Ale House or when you talk about Dirk van Tonder, they would say 20140301_144951‘OH DIRK FROM THE ALE HOUSE’ This good hearted, soft-spoken Irish Boer is one of the beer brewering veterans in South Africa and would consider himself an Artisanl Brewer. He is as passionate about his history as he is of the beer that he brews. Dirk, like his beer, has no pretentions and is very unique. He is never too busy to talk to ANYBODY about beer and brewing! A real hophead!

Trailer Trash BlondeThe Ale House is situated in Broederstroom, a stone throw away from Hartbeespoortdam, on a rustic farm at the end of a dirt road. Visitors can sit under the trees, enjoying the weekend’s offerings while overlooking the scenic Magaliesberg Mountain Range. It only opens from 12:00pm on Saturdays and Sundays and is extremely popular.

Dirk does a lot of experimental brews, and going there is like opening a lucky packet – you know there is going to be something interesting, but you just don’t know what! He normally has his signature Trailer Trash Blonde on tap, and recently added a NEW signature, an African Beer – his own recipe Buchu Beer! We had the most interesting, once off varieties and styles of beer at The Ale House than at any other brewery before. His chilli beer, as well as the Smokey Olive beer is something we often ask for when we get there. He inspires and motivates many homebrewers and even has workshops throughout the year.

20131102_144728The menu is simple but delicious. The Ale House offer several types of pizza, baked in the homebuilt pizza oven. Our favourite is the Smelly Italian which consists of Gorgonzola cheese, sweet figs, smoked chicken and fresh rocket. Another favourite is the French Farmer with it’s Camenbert Cheese, bitong, honey,mushroom, caramalised onions topped of with rocket! The pizza goes well with the beer on tap!

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20140301_142739The Ale House is known for the Solstice Festival which is held on the weekend closest to the 21 June but has other events and festivals throughout the year, such as the IPA day which was held on the 1st March 2014 where several Brewers participated and the people flocked to, dispite the rainy weather! The Solstice Food and Ale Festival has become a winter icon where known breweries such as Black Horse Brewery, Chameleon Brewhouse, Boston Breweries,Cockpit Brewhouse etc as well as small brewers pair their exquisite craft with high quality cuisine and Celtic, Folk and Blues music complete the experience.

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Do we recommend you visiting The Ale House? Oh yes! And maybe we can have a beer together some time.

Brewer: Dirk van Tonder
Location: Bart Pretorius Road, Broederstroom
GPS: -25.793330° 27.867487°
Province: North West
Contact Number: 082 464 9387
Website: http://


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