Chameleon Brewery


Writing about Chameleon Brewery is like writing about family, in fact we see them more often than we see our family. We actually like them more than some of our family! Writing about Chameleon Brewery might come accross as bragging about a family member, but it is not. We are objective in observing and tasting beer. We are fortunate to have a great foundation to use when slutting around tasting beer from other breweries.

Ruaan and Amanda van den Berg

Ruaan and Amanda van den Berg,
Brew master and Brew boss

The biggest problem when writing about Chameleon Brewery is that we get distracted by the thought of their beer and then get thirsty. It’s not because they are near to where we live, there are other breweries closer, it’s because of the exquisite beers that Ruaan van den Berg, the brew master constantly produces and invents! It is also a place where we can talk BEER and stuff the whole afternoon with Ruaan, Amanda, his wife and several of the locals that also have a hops addiction like us!

Weiss beer, drank a small German town called Weickersheim, is what started this brewery. Ruaan and Amanda couldn’t find a Weiss Beer back in South Africa, Ruaan did find the Worthogs brewing club and started brewing his own beer. Needless to say Weiss Beer was one of the first brews!Old university buddies, Andre de Beer, ALSO a brewer and owner of The Cockpit and Stephan Meyer BREWER and owner of Clarens Brewery were on call and encouraged Ruaan to take the BJCP (Beer Judge Certification Program) test, an international exam that qualifies you as a beer judge in competitions. One The Beer Sluts wish to take in the not so distant future.

On 31 March 2012 Ruaan and Amanda opened the doors of their brewpub at the Chameleon Village. A weeks later, The Beer Sluts discovered the place! We fell in love with Ruaan’s APA from the start. It became a Saturday afternoon habit to go for a quick pint of APA. That is how OUR story began. We then got hooked on the Stout, IRA and IPA. We became real hop-heads.We started visiting other breweries and posted our visits on Facebook. Ruaan and Amanda named us “die bier slette” that is where The Beer Slut idea was born. We were in Clarens when Ruaan’s APA won Best Beer of the festival award in 2013. WOW what a day!

Many Saturday afternoons we would bump into the visitors that have their bachelor’s party or birthday party at the brewery. The beer bus also stops over for a couple of brews and snack. The atmosphere is friendly and inviting and the food is delicious and compliments the beer on tap.


This brewery is well worth a visit (every weekend)!!.

Brewer: Ruaan van den Berg
Location: R104 (Old Rustenburg Rd), Chameleon Village, Damdoryn, Hartbeespoort
Province: North West
IMG_4521 20130915_144859 IMG_4549 20130915_144620

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