Aroma: Moderate to strong phenols (usually clove) and fruity esters (usually banana).  A light to moderate wheat aroma
(which might be perceived as bready or grainy) may be present but other malt characteristics should not.  Optional, but acceptable, aromatics can include a light, citrusy tartness, a light to moderate vanilla character, and/or a low bubblegum aroma.
Appearance: Pale straw to very dark gold in color. A very thick, moussy, long-lasting white head is characteristic. The
high protein content of wheat impairs clarity in an unfiltered beer, although the level of haze is somewhat variable. A beer
“mit hefe” is also cloudy from suspended yeast sediment (which should be roused before drinking). The filtered Krystal
version has no yeast and is brilliantly clear.
Flavor: Low to moderately strong banana and clove flavor. The soft, somewhat bready or grainy flavor of wheat is complementary, as is a slightly sweet Pils malt character. Hop flavor is very low to none, and hop bitterness is very low to moderately low. A tart, citrusy character from yeast and high carbonation is often present. Well rounded, flavorful palate with a relatively dry finish.

These are refreshing, fast-maturing beers that are lightly hopped and show a unique banana-and-clove yeast character. These beers often don’t age well and are best enjoyed while young and fresh.

Commercial Examples:

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier, Schneider Weisse Weizenhell, Paulaner Hefe-Weizen, Hacker- Pschorr Weisse, Plank Bavarian Hefeweizen, Ayinger Bräu Weisse, Ettaler Weissbier Hell, Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse, Andechser Weissbier Hefetrüb, Kapuziner Weissbier, Erdinger Weissbier, Penn Weizen, Barrelhouse Hocking Hills Hefe-Weizen, Eisenbahn Weizenbier

What The Beersluts have to say:

Standeaven Weizen: spicy, herby and some hints of fruit.

3 stars

Reviewed and it was nice

Standeaven Blueberyy Weiss: real dried and fresh blueberries used during the boil and during fermentation. Lovely flavour and aroma, a great beer.

4 star

We LOVED it!

Three Skulls Strawberry Weiss: Nice aroma, strong strawberry initial flavour, but very bitter after taste.

2 stars

Reviewed and found something wrong

Dog and Fig Wafferse Weiss: good example of the style.

3 stars

Reviewed and it was nice

Brauhaus am Damm Weiss: extremely spicy, almost chemical taste. Unfiltered and very murky. We didn’t like it.

1 Star

Reviewed but not impressed

Drayman’s Weiss; another excellent drinkable version of the style.

3 stars

Reviewed and it was nice

Chameleon Weiss: another excellent drinkable version of the style.

3 stars

Reviewed and it was nice


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