Roggenbier (German Rye Beer)

A specialty beer originally brewed in Regensburg, Bavaria as a more distinctive variant of a dunkelweizen using
malted rye instead of malted wheat.

Aroma: Light to moderate spicy rye aroma intermingled with light to moderate weizen yeast aromatics (spicy clove and
fruity esters, either banana or citrus). Light noble hops are acceptable. Can have a somewhat acidic aroma from rye and
yeast. Appearance: Light coppery-orange to very dark reddish or coppery-brown color. Large creamy off-white to tan head,
quite dense and persistent (often thick and rocky). Cloudy,hazy appearance.
Flavor: Grainy, moderately-low to moderately-strong spicy rye flavor, often having a hearty flavor reminiscent of rye or
pumpernickel bread. Medium to medium-low bitterness allows an initial malt sweetness (sometimes with a bit of caramel)
to be tasted before yeast and rye character takes over. Low to moderate weizen yeast character (banana, clove, and
sometimes citrus), although the balance can vary. Mediumdry, grainy finish with a tangy, lightly bitter (from rye) aftertaste.
Low to moderate noble hop flavor acceptable, and can persist into aftertaste. No diacetyl.

Commercial Examples: Paulaner Roggen (formerly Thurn und Taxis, no longer imported into the US), Bürgerbräu
Wolznacher Roggenbier

What The Beersluts have to say:

Sorry buddies, we haven’t done a proper taste test on these beers yet!!

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