Belgian Blond Ale

A moderate-strength golden ale that has a subtle Belgian complexity, slightly sweet flavor, and dry finish.

Smooth, light to moderate Pils malt sweetness initially, but finishes medium-dry to dry with some smooth alcohol
becoming evident in the aftertaste. Medium hop and alcohol bitterness to balance. Light hop flavor, can be spicy or earthy.
Very soft yeast character. Some lightly caramelized sugar or honey-like sweetness on palate.

Commercial Examples:

Blonde Ale is considered a brewing stepping stone; most South African brewers will have one or will have tried to brew one.

Anvil, Chameleon, Clarens, De Garve, Porcupine Quill, Three Skulls and Triggerfish all have one or have had an example at some stage.

What The Beersluts have to say:

The Chameleon Blonde Ale is one of our favourites in this style (4 out of 5). Three Skulls has the Grave Digger Blonde (2 out of 5), De Garve has the Golden Blonde (2.5 out of 5) and The Anvil Blonde is a great example of the style (3 out of 5).

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