Belgian Pale Ale

A fruity, moderately malty, somewhat spicy, easy-drinking, copper-colored ale.

Fruity and lightly to moderately spicy with a soft, smooth malt and relatively light hop character. Not as fruity/citrusy as many other Belgian ales. Has an initial soft, malty sweetness with a toasty, biscuity, nutty malt flavor. The hop flavor is low to none. The hop bitterness is medium to low. There is a moderately dry to moderately sweet finish, with hops becoming more pronounced in those with a drier finish.

Commercial Examples:

De Garve’s Happy Monk Belgian Ale

What The Beersluts have to say:

The Happy Monk is an acceptable example of this style, with hints of toffee. Not a beer that really stands out, but we’ll try it again!

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