Hi Peeps!

It’s been a long while since we last blogged, but our excuse is that we’ve been REALLY busy!

  • We’ve studied hard for the BJCP Online Exam and the BJCP Taste Test: we passed the Online Exam (NEVER AGAIN!), we then sat for the Taste Test, and now we have an agonizing, dreadful 6 month wait before the BJCP Organization publishes the results. We could write a whole post on how NOT to do the BJCP exams, but that’s an article for another day… in the meantime we are Provisional Judges.
  • We assisted in judging this year’s Intervarsity Brewing Competition: this was an intense session with the beer theme being Winter Warmers. Jakes and Vincent were on a table together and got the worst flight of beers imaginable. Elbie’s table on the other hand, had great beers, with an average ABV of over 8%. Needless to say, a big lunch was needed. We really hope some of the students continue brewing, there were some good beers.
  • We visited a lot of festivals and conferences, including the usual top list: Clarens, Capital Craft, SA on Tap.
  • We were at the opening of the new Capital Craft Taproom in Centurion: what a venue, what a list of beers, what a hangover!
  • Elbie and Megan had too many beers after The Beer Boot Camp in JHB and hatched the bright idea of organizing and hosting The Africa Brew: a Craft Brewers Camping weekend! This is now taking place between 18-21 November in Parys, eastern Free State. Why PARYS you ask? Neither of them could remember the next day……..We will report back on that later, but in the meantime, visit WWW.AFRICABREW.CO.ZA to read more and attend.


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