The best Beer Drinker’s diet so far!

b2bb46f0762e372cb34d8edc695df11aWe have been struggling with our weight as a result of our passion for Craft Beer.  We have been on several diets, swallowed some pills, injected ourselves with stuff, did some exercise, did a LOT of exercise but somehow we could still not shed the extra kilos we would put on over weekends. Tasting beer and writing about it is the flame that feeds our souls. We can not change that!

As I sat and work one day, I became aware of the battle for my office chair. My left bum-cheek was taking more of the chair than the right one, which as a result, got cross and pushed my back-fat up my spine! THAT WAS IT! WE MUST LOOSE WEIGHT!!

I remembered when I was young we followed a 3 day diet to quickly loose a few kilos before an event. Google is my friend and VIOLA! I found the heart foundation 3 day diet along with all the nay-Sayers that has nothing good to say about the diet at all!  We’ve been following it religiously for 3 days a week over the last four weeks and have LOST weight while still having LONG weekends, drinking beer! For the 3 days, we only drink water, black coffee and diet cooldrink.

Here is the diet we follow:


Black Coffee or tea with low fat sweetener
1/2 grapefruit
1 slice of toast with 1tbsp peanut butter
1/2 a cup of tuna
1 slice of toast
Black coffee/tea/water*
3 oz any lean meat
1 cup of green beans
1 cup of carrots
1 cup of vanilla ice cream
1 medium apple
Black coffee/tea/water*


Black coffee/tea/water*
1 egg(served any style)
1 slice of toast
1 banana
 1 cup of tuna or cottage cheese
5 plain crackers
Black coffee/tea/water*
2 hotdogs
1/2 cup of carrots
1 cup of broccoli or cabbage
1 banana
1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream


Black coffee/tea/water*
5 plain crackers 1 oz of cheddar cheese
1 apple
1 hard boiled egg
1 slice of toast
black coffee/tea/water*
1 cup of tuna
1 cup of carrots
1 cup of cauliflower
1 cup of melon
1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream
black coffee/tea/water*

*Low calorie sweetener should always be used instead of sugar

Condiments allowed on the 3 Day Diet

  • Lemon juice
  • Salt and pepper
  • Mustard
  • Cooking oil spray

Variations on the 3 Day Diet

If you really don’t like any of the foods included you can make some changes;

  • Orange instead of grapefruit
  • Tuna instead of cottage cheese or vice versa
  • Frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream
  • Cauliflower instead of broccoli and vice versa
  • Green beans instead of broccoli or cauliflower
  • Beetroot instead of carrots
  • Toast instead of 5 plain crackers

Follow the plan for three days without cheating and you should see the fast results that you want.

You can have your beer AND drink it!

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